Mystery Shopper Ethics

I will honor the confidentiality agreements of projects assigned to me, acting with caution and discretion. Under no circumstances will I reveal my identity as Mystery Shopper, no matter what.

I will pay attention to, and follow, the instructions provided by Shop’n Chek for each assignment (time, delivery date, exact location, activities to be carried out).

I will never bring the questionnaires to the place of audit. I will complete them later on, when I am at a considerable distance from the assigned location.

I will make a fair and unbiased assessment during the process, and I will describe the events which took place during the audit. I will not consider past experiences - either mine or others' - and I will refrain from making any subjective comments.

I will not delegate my responsibilities to third parties. I will be the sole responsible for the assignments accepted and I will be fully answerable for them.

I will deliver the audit reports in a timely manner, and I agree that they may be invalidated upon failure by me to meet each program's specifications precisely.

I will take great care not to lose, tear, stain, or crumple the sales ticket, proof of visit or collected material, since it is the only way Shop’n Chek may be able to verify that I completed the audit in due time and proper form.

If for any reason, I am not able to perform an audit assigned to me, I undertake to notify the situation at least 48 hours before the date scheduled to the audit, so that the task can be reassigned to a different Shopper, and thus, our obligations to the Customer remain unaltered.

In case of doubt, I will always ask, and I will not make any decisions without first asking Shop’n Chek.

I will report all the audits I have performed and completed within a term not exceeding 48 hours, using such methods as Shop’n Chek may state.